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Shrink Films and Stretch Wraps

Shrink Films and Stretch Wraps
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Shrink Films and Stretch Wraps
Machine Film
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Machine Film
Hand Film
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Hand Film

Our versatile line of competitively priced stretch films come in a variety of styles and thicknesses which allows us to support virtually any packaging application. From hand films to machine films and specialty films, Concept Supply has it all!

And, we don't stop at shrink films and stretch wraps. We also carry an assortment of equipment from Cousins Packaging Inc. to support all your automated stretch wrapping needs.

Featured Film Brands

Sigma Stretch® Film

  • Hand Films - from general purpose to quiet wind stretch wraps and eco-friendly stretch film alternatives, our Sigma Stretch Film offering features a broad assortment of films from which to choose, regardless of your packaging application.
  • Machine Films - Sigma Stretch Film's offering includes machine films featuring wraps capable of stretch levels up to 300%, including those applications where overhead and high speed equipment is required. Optimal stretch, strength, puncture resistance and cling features are just a few benefits of machine films from Sigma Stretch Film.
  • Specialty Films - Choose from a variety of colors to set your product apart using Sigma Stretch Specialty Films. Specialty features also include UV stabilized films, wide web stretch film, bundling film, roll wrap, narrow banding, high performance blown silage film, and of course, custom configurations to meet virtually any packaging need.

Paragon Films, Inc.

  • Hand Films - Select from Paragon Film Inc.'s Spartan line of hand films in thicknesses of 12 micron and below or from their Global hand film offering that features an unparalleled holding force while providing exceptional toughness and cling.
  • Machine Films - Paragon's Ultimate Force line of machine films lives up to its namesake. Ultimate Force Machine Film characteristics include ultimate strength, ultimate clarity, quiet unwind, and maximum elongation.
  • Specialty Films - Paragon offers a variety of colors and sizes of specialty films as well as banding film for small bundling of small parcels, extended core film, PET bottle film for wrapping empty containers, and UVI stretch film for outdoor storage use.

Stretch Wrap Machines and Equipment

We are a proud partner of Cousins Packaging Inc.; offering stretch wrap machines and related equipment to support your automated stretch wrap applications. From semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrap systems to their fully automated 2100X-A Series A-Arm technology which boosts productivity and reduces labor, we provide the stretch wrap equipment you need to wrap pallets all day long without any operator involvement except to change the film roll.

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Shrink Films and Stretch Wraps Specifications

Sheet Fold

From 60 to 120 Gauge
From 8 to 24 Inches Wide

Hand Stretch Film

47 to 120 Gauge
3 to 18 Inches Wide
1000, 1500, and 2000 Linear Feat

Machine Stretch Film

49 to 120 Gauge
20 and 30 Inches Wide
4000 to 9000 Linear Feet
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